3 Simple Reasons I Like #Instagram

Someone recently asked me why I sometimes use Instagram to share photos instead of the built-in iPhone camera app + email.  I mentioned that I like Instagram for the following three reasons:

  1. 1) It’s quick on the iPhone to just take a picture, add a filter and check off which people to send it to (or which social networks, blogs, etc. to add the picture to).
  2. 2) Instagram emphasizes filters, so you can add distinct visual “flavors” for the images (tones, colors, sepia, etc).
  3. 3) There’s a community of other Instagram users so you can see what pictures other people are taking and they can see and comment on yours.

Instagram is basically a simple social network ala Twitter, but specifically for mobile photos. Sometimes it’s easier, more enjoyable, or more effective to share a simple photo than to craft a 140-character message.

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