The Simplest Way to Create a Timeline: BeeDocs

Here’s an example of a BeeDocs3D timeline as a Web embed. In this case, it’s a timeline I created about the history of Final Cut Pro:

BeeDocs Timeline 3d is my favorite tool for creating timelines. The software makes it super-simple to quickly assemble a series of dates into an engaging narrative. It has great potential for supplementing online journalism stories, or for adding visual interest to a Web presentation or video.

Here’s how it works: You enter dates, info and optional images/video/audio into a simple event-editing box and the software lays out the timeline for you. That’s it. There’s no need to read complicated instructions or study a manual. As soon as you start using the software you can build something quickly and easily. There are several templates with various color and font styles available. The export options are great, including: PDF, Keynote (for including a timeline in a presentation), video, text (for inserting into a spreadsheet, and PNG (for displaying a simple image of the timeline). You can also publish your timeline to the Web, as I did for the Final Cut Pro timeline example above.

Here’s what the editing interface looks like:

BeeDocs Timeline Editing Interface

And here’s a brief video overview:

Here’ what a 3D timeline looks like:

Timeline 3D

BeeDocs 3d is $65. A simpler version, Easy Timeline, is $20, which has more limited publishing and export options. There’s an iOS version for $10 so you can create timelines on the iPad or iPhone.

A good free Web-based alternative— if you’d prefer free software— is Timeline JS, which I may post about at some point in the future.

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